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Independent rapper songwriter BMI affiliate and stage performer. Dnyce100 or Cleveland's Realism. 3 years of experience in music recording arts stage performing and a number of years writing music. Produces his own music publish distribute market /promote it. Traveled to many locations out of town and throughout Ohio to perform. Voted on LinkedIn as one of Cleveland Ohio's fastest growing songwriting profiles. I brin a gift of music to all my fans and those who supports me. As Co-Founder & Executive Music Producer my own Music Recording Label. Triple R Entertainment Music Productions Ohio LLC. I am in charge of a company that continues to gain recognition and exposure throughout my hometown and its surrounding areas. With 3 different artist with 3 different music styles Rap, R&B, and Dub Step artist. As a solo artist he works alone to afford his business. He's responsible, smart respectful, and a open minded music recording artist that seeks creativity. With the music he records, he continues to gain attention from those around him. While in pursuit to become Ohio Largest most respected most dominate Music Recording Label in the near future I am to the cultural style of hip-Hop and a dedicated performance artist.

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