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Hey What's Good My People! My Name Is Ethan D. Crazybull, I Am Currently 17 Years Of Age. I Am An Independent Artist/Producer, My Style Of Music Is Hip Hop/R&B/Rap. I Currently Live On The Fort Peck Indian Reservation Located In Montana! I LOVE What I Do & So Do My Fans! I'm Looking For Exposure, I Produce Music For Fun, It's What I Love To Do, & I Hope To Complete My Destiny One Day. My Studio Name Is "The_REAL #Rezstudio" I Work With Other Artists Who Want To Give It A Try. I Don't Only Do This For Myself, But For EVERYONE, For The People Who Need A Role Model, Old Or Young, I Keep My Curse Words At A Limit. (ONE/TWO PER TRACK, OR LESS. NOT EVERY TRACK HAS A CURSE WORD) If Ya'll Could Give A Youngin A Chance, Please Do & Take A Listen! Leave Feedback For Ya Boy In The #Rezstudio I Have A Link To My SOUNDCLOUD. FOLLOW ME!
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COMING SOON! Destined The Mixtape: "Fort Peck Representin" By: (Ethan D.)

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