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TeFlame Christian Rapper Tyree” TeFlame” Posey was born February 22, 1980 in Houston, Tx. T-Flame started rapping at the age of fourteen in 1994 he was developing his style and trying different styles to add to his ability to rap. When Tyree "TeFlame" Posey was the age of seventeen in 1997, TeFlame was also known as Psycho Prophet from a four member group called Wasteland Prophecy he and his half brother Anthony Jackson Jr. created. Since 2006, Tyree “TeFlame” Posey, who is now an establish gospel rapper, began creating many variations of his self-proclaimed Houston Gospel Rap Artist. Growing up in church TeFlame continued with his faith. Through his ups and downs, relentless additions and cuts to rap groups created, but it wasn't until the established Wasteland Prophecy split in 2005, where Tyree”TeFlame” Posey finally found his voice and christened himself as TeFlame. No longer was he the Psycho Prophet, but wanted to take the battle of many activist before him has tried by make fun songs but always give the truth within his lyrics. To achieve this goal, he began by using his poetic play on words and vocabulary to try to infuse within them a sense of social awareness, responsibility for one's actions, and above all morality. Style wise, people has given him the constant comparison to Bone Thugs –N- Harmony, story-telling of Tu-Pac and with many other great names to compare with has been shown within his work without the need for name dropping. Each stone walked upon his path, for Tyree “TeFlame” Posey was not a stable footing. He tried many ways before breaking to the business as a solo act. In addition to music TeFlame also enjoy playing NFL fantasy football, music, cooking and trying new things. In 2006 wrote his first Christian rap song called “Get Crunk For Jesus”. Later that year he performed “Get Crunk For Jesus” at a church Youth Conference. June of 2007, Tyree “TeFlame” Posey hosted another Youth Conference called “Break Down The Walls” He Also Wrote a theme song called “Breaked the Walls” for that Youth Conference and in additional to that he also wrote “Grow Faith”. August of 2007 Tyree “TeFlame” Posey was invited to Gateway Community Church to perform at their yearly Block party. He performed his hit single “Get Crunk For Jesus” and a new song called “Thank You”. In 2008 TeFlame wrote two new songs called “Bind” and “Peaceful Night”. Later that summer TeFlame recorded his first demo included “Bind”,” Get Crunk For Jesus”, and “Peaceful Night” to promote his music.TeFlame also knows that, with God on his side, anything is possible for him to achieve his goals and make his dreams come true. “Everyone has dreams and goals,” he states. “I am just going for mine to the extreme!” Since 2008 until up to now, Tyree “TeFlame” Posey has been doing small venues and continuing writing his music. His goal is to spread the word of God in his music and spread it around the globe, so people can hear his testimony and possibility change someone life when they hear his music.Currently Tyree “T-Flame” Posey writing new music and more songs are coming soon.

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