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Israel Luna-Lopez born November 29,1995 an America rapper, singer, songwriter, & producer started his career in Fennville high school when he was 18 started as a freestyle MC, from rapping in lunch to a melodic artist. He became a melodic artist After his girlfriend (ex) Alicia broke up with him in the summer of 2015, after that months later he started making an EP title “Alicia” and wrote emotional feeling that he still had about her in the song he wrote “Still No Good” talking about how depressed he is and become addicted to alcohol and Drugs, he told us “it’s so I can forget about here”. Than in the fall of 2017 he started making a new project called “None of the clocks work EP” or for short (NØTÇW) meaning that he would be there for her (Alicia) again when the clocks stop working, which is never because time never stops, with here name still stock in he’s mined he made the song “Why Would You Go?” he needed somebody to talk to and become friends with somebody called Majilla and made the song “Majilla” right after that, the next day he wrote the lyrics for “Still No Good” he told us “right after talking to Majilla, there was something Still no good about me, why am I still thinking about her?” He don’t do drugs anymore but he still drinks “but not like before”. Now he is working on he’s new EP titled “Holy Shit. I’m Awake.” meaning that he has awaken from his own nightmare and has for gotten Alicia now and is ready to do music and most importantly be in a relationship once again. Holy Shit. I’m Awake. Ep coming 5.27.18 Alicia Ep out in SoundCloud: NØTÇW out in SoundCloud:
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