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Monopoli Psignz is a 24 year old rapper and songwriter out of the South Side of Chicago. She started rapping professionally around the age of 19, and began songwriting in the fourth quarter of 2015. Originally on the scene as “Mariah Monroe”, Monopoli quickly caught the ear of DJ 1200 and Chicago Recording artist YG at the young age of 19. Monopoli took a hiatus from rapping for awhile to focus on her job and her songwriting. While on break she has written an album for up and coming Atlanta artist Eli Liberty, and a host of other songs ready for other artists. During her break, she used her drive to work on changing the current business handling and musical quality of the music industry, fueling the motive behind her name change. Monopoli Psignz is “a clever subtle way of explaining her musical goals” as she likes to put it. She has come to help restore the love of hiphop and culture in today's rap, and fix the stereotype placed on her generation. Her works “Playin in The Covers: The Mixtape” and New first single “The Race” are accessible anywhere digitally.

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