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Damu Gotti: A southern native who now calls Toledo home. He has an extraordinary loyalty base to family and friends, and has dedicated his life, first and foremost, to God. His love of music is evident; he spends much of his time in his studio, TheZOO Audio, along with Producer and friend, Teddy Loud. Damu has made it an active goal to encourage and collaborate with other artists from across the city and beyond. He feels music is a uniting force, and that "everybody can eat if we all work together." Damu recently released his sophomore masterpiece entitled, "Trap Rap, No Benzo", which features an astounding 20 sound tracks (now available through digital download on iTunes). Damu credits much of his success to his beloved grandmother who "taught me self- discipline and respect," and she remains a driving force in his life today. Damu is managed by GlassCityTalent419-THE REAL EMPIRE, under the direction of management guru DebraSue. Together, Damu and DebraSue have made great accomplishments, and plan to show the world the creative genius that exists within Damu Gotti. Damu aspires to a high level of success, and is determined to bring positive attention to his beloved city he calls home: Toledo/the 419/THE MUD. To book Damu, please contact DebraSue at 419-930-7132 or tap on the link located TO BOOK DAMU GOTTI.

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