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I'm 24K stone CEO & founder of "The Hip-Hop Spot 24/7 LLC". I'm also an emcee & produce my own tv show on called "The Hip-Hop Spot 24/7". My style is reality rap with substance. I'm not really into rapping about drugs & money. Although I lived that life, I want to portray a more mature & strong image to display creativity & lyricism. I'm from a small town in Va & I came from a life of extreme poverty. I'm a high school drop out, but realized the value of education years after I had many run ins with law enforcement. I left the street life where it was at years ago to fully pursue my career in music entertainment. My main inspirations in hip-hop growing up were 2Pac & Nas. I dedicate everything I do on a positive level to my big brother Tony Stone R.I.P. Who will never be forgotten forever in my heart.
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24K stone, Virginia's Finest

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