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Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI K(dot)Bre, the K stand for Kween[Queen] because if necessary she can play both the King and Queen of any castle, got her start with Hip Hop while listening in on a recording session for neighborhood friends. The female artist originally scheduled to feature on the track was a no show, due to her unique voice and overly opinionated nature she was asked to write a verse and fill in the vacant slot. After writing and recording her first verse, Bre fell in love with the freedom of expression known as Hip Hop! Being focused on school and teenage ventures she decided to keep her writings to her self until she came out as Kween Bre back in 2008 where she performed at local open mics and collaborated with a couple local artists creating a small buzz around the local music scene until she fell off and decided to stay from the industry due to moral conflicts of interest between her and what was expected of a female artist. Not willing to "sex" up her style or lyrics caused her to leave the stage and spotlight for what she thought was for good. 8 years later she realized no matter what she did all she could think about was music. Creating, recording, performing and reaching those who felt hopeless and alone was something she couldn't bury any longer. Now she's back, as K(dot)Bre, with the mental strength of 1,000 armies and the wisdom of her ancestors! This will be the beginning of something AMAZING!

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