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With being the self-proclaimed "King of hiphop''s new era", Antonio Fixx brings an arsenal of debatable lyrics to listeners. 23 year old Fixx, born as Cortezz Richardson in Durham NC, allows his real life struggles to build a biography and career that certainly cannot be denied by critics. A blend of politics along with witty wordplay combines with intellect on a level that has rarely been reached in today''s music business, not just hiphop wise. Influenced at a young age of 11 by artists such as Erykah Badu, Nas, Snoop Dogg Eminem and the group Outkast, none of these have had a bigger impact than Fayetteville''s own J Cole. Allowing the work ethic and influential words of these different artists to improve his drive to be heard, Fixx started recording his first studio single in the late months of 2011 after moving to Minnesota at the age of 20. When asked why choose rapping as a hobby or an "activity to past time", he replied with: "Rap isn''t me, first and foremost. When you rap, its considered as a verb or as something you like to DO while on the contrary, hip-hop is a way of life. You have to feel, love, live and understand the art of hip-hop before you actually decide to attempt that lifestyle. An artist can rap all day long about how he''s flexing and downplaying the culture, but there is only one way to do Hip-Hop and that''s by telling a more heartfelt story." Although replying to this, Antonio Fixx has a huge playlist of artists he enjoys listening to on a daily basis. Whether it''s J. Cole to Kendrick Lamar or just new sounds from around the culture, he keeps his ears open towards discovering new and raw talent. Still not a believer of Fixx''s movement? Take a listen for yourself. An ironic warning though, this might make you a fiend to what he has to offer, hence the name "Fix". ENJOY! Twitter: @_HelluvaDrug Instagram: @thelastgod_

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