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IDUMMY Introduction To say that this up and coming Hip Hop Superstar/r/Rapper is versatile is an understatement, Idummy literally does it ALL. Far more than the mastery of many Turf styles. Coming from a strong street background and having worked with companies/artists/celebrities such as Will.I.AM, Britney Spears, Kendrick Lamar,E-40, and Android, Idummy has a deep and explosive arsenal to pull from when it comes to his dancing. However, and choreography are not where her talents end. He has most recently leveled up his expertise by Rapping and Fashion working closely with the artistic directors Jeriel “Jay Gold” Bey and kemanie “Keyman” Pasahii signed to “KEYMAN MUSIC” and JAY GOLD MANAGEMENT. Idummy is creating his own wave to set the stage for the new generation of talent heavily involved in getting his artistry up and running pushing his monicker of Dancing/Fashion/Rapping/Trapping the music playing a key role every step of the way. From pre production including talent casting, to live production in front of thousands of people, he made sure the talent, the technical components, and the overall show exceeded expectations. Idummy experience, unique skill set, and ability to keep all departments of a creative team well organized are the driving forces behind his success. Idummy doesn’t just work on a project or recording booth, he lives for the project and this dedication shows in the results of any project he is connected with.
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