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Born as Antonius Flores American - Belizean descent parents December 21, 1991 and professionally known as "Ant Tourismo" is an Belizean American Rapper from the Bronx, New York. Raised by a single mother of three and a hard working father; he attended P.S 105, middle school 135, graduate of Herbert H.Lehman in where he was a choreographer, and attended LaGuardia Community College. He left college to pursue a musical career, studying poetry as he later wrote his own and turned them into raps. In later years, A.n.t_toursimo interviewed with NY Radio Station 'F.L.O Radio' regarding his artistry where he showcased his rhyming abilities. Soon after, he interviewed with 'Put A Chill Radio' in which A.n.t_tourismo expressed his love in creating music for people to enjoy as he develops within the music industry. According to WWS Magazine, A.n.t_tourismo mentioned he strives to experiment when it comes to music and produces his work to be extremely creative before releasing to the public. In late October 2014, A.n.t_tourismo signed with New York independent label 'MVB Records' where he recorded and filmed his first music video "PRETTY" under stage name Deno Corneliani. Although he enjoyed his time recording, he realized his music career was advancing towards a different path. After the release of his first video, A.n.t_tourismo left to pursue his career independently. In February 2015, A.n.t_tourismo decided to leave MVB to pursue this career and decided to re-evaluate a name change and drop his stage name Deno Corneliani. He decided to go with a more prestigious stage name and and researched the meaning of his own name 'Anthony'. He discovered that his name meant 'worthy of praise' in Roman Times mythology which is written thus today as ' Antonius'. In July 2016, Antonius performs in local arenas around NYC with the first interactive showcase event in the world. Performing at 'Coast 2 Coast Live' events where artist showcase their talents in front of celebrity judges while showcasing his talent. Antonius has currently partnered with Bronx recording studio R&F Records, a division of R&F Entertainment, Inc. to record his first solid 'EP'. In conclusion, Antonius is at the final process of completing his 'EP', and the promotional and marketing stages of his upcoming release in 2017.
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