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$TC was created in 2001 under the direction of artist, songwriter and former producer at Black Entertainment Television, EL C. Allison aka LBO SOUTH. The group began with 2 artists, R&B crooner, Michael Harris Jr-Bey aka BIG FOO and LBO SOUTH the lyrical mastermind of the group. Since coming together they have performed at various venues in the DMV area such as, The Island Café, Roses Dream, Getaway Lounge, Haydes, Beer 4 U formerly Club Big Mouth, , Florida, Club 2K9 with Ludacris & Mobb Deep, and in the home of hip hop music, Brooklyn New York. Vesuvius Night Club in Los Angeles, California with Shine and Black Rob of Bad Boy Entertainment and Club BED in Miami, The Sit Tight Music sound that $TC performs lends a unique style and blend of hip hop and r&b that stands out and is a change from the norm that is displayed today. Even though the two are from the area many are surprised that the go-go music genre created in Washington, D.C. is not heavily included in their music and are often told that they do not sound like anyone from that area. But because of their roots they have joined forces with a very popular band and created a sound that is undeniable. $TC is a brand built by a strong love for music & the hip hop culture and destined to rock the world. For Booking: Call 301-568-3909 Follow us on twitter: @sittightmusic
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