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Over the years M-Squad has been through many changes, while some changes were the result of calculated strategic planning and others due to circumstances beyond their control, the group has somehow managed to stay focused and dedicated to their original goal of being successful in the recording industry. These changes both positive and negative are not only reflected in the group''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s music as they have grown over the years, but these experiences have help shape their careers as they navigate their way through life and the complicated and very unpredictable music industry. Influenced by groups like The Geto Boys, The Underground Kings (UGK), The Screwed Up Click (SUC), and the glory days of Houston''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Hip Hop scene, M-Squad began when a few friends from Missouri City (Mo City) Texas who shared a similar love for music began writing and recording music together. Using the internet and social media to share their music with friends, M-Squad''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s music and reputation began to spread throughout the South and Houston''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s underground Rap scene, slowly gaining a loyal and dedicated following. Fueled by their growing fame and the public''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s acceptance of their music, M-Squad released a series of very successful singles from the group and its individual members including; "H-Town" featuring Reggie D and D-Moe, "Last luck" featuring Reggie D and Lil Fe, "Lose It" featuring D-Moe, and Reggie D''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s "Last Man Standing" the first full length Mix-Tape from one of M-Squad''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s members. M-Squad''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s latest project "Texas Most Wanted", scheduled for release later this year, is the first full length Mix-Tape featuring the entire M-Squad crew, "Texas Most Wanted" features 24 tracks, including "Screwston Texas" featuring D-Moe, "All Black" featuring D-Moe and Reggie D, and "The Hood" featuring Reggie D, and like previous releases from M-Squad, the release of "Texas Most Wanted" will only help establish M-Squad and It''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s individual members as the most wanted well respected lyricists in the rap game.
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M-Squad Texas Most Wanted
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M-Squad Texas Most Wanted Back Cover

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